Dressing Dilemmas - Working From Home

Dress up in the Asmuss Asymmetric Pleat Dress in Pine Green when you're working from homeEveryone loves working from home occasionally, with the novelty of wearing your pyjamas 24/7, not bothering to brush your hair, and the appealingly short commute from bed to desk. However, the novelty of an all day pyjama party has definitely begun to wear off as we head into week five of the UK lockdown.

What to wear, and how to work during this new ‘normal’ are questions everyone the world over is now asking themselves.  Fortunately everyone appears to favour something slightly more stylish than sleepwear - #dressup friday is taking over twitter and instagram, and every style editor and influencer online is showing off their ‘wfh ‘fits and people are now even resorting to getting ‘glam for the bin man’ for an excuse to get dressed, so we thought we would share some of our favourite Asmuss pieces to work and workout in.

Whilst Asmuss clothing has been developed with adventures in mind, it works just as well indoors as out.

Asmuss perfect for working from home as it is comfortable and stylish 

I have found myself wanting to dress up more, partly because it’s something to do, but also because it makes me feel mentally prepared for a day at my desk, and helps to have a bit more routine and structure. Even if no-one else can see me, putting on some shoes or dressing up my outfit with some accessories makes me feel better, and I’m more productive as a result.

I’ve had the Asmuss Asymmetric Pleat Dress on repeat wear; the folded detail and soft tactile finish make me feel like I’ve made an effort, while it’s stretchy enough to accommodate all the extra biscuit binging I’ve been doing. Add in a pair of white trainers and some sunnies and I’m good to go on my break time walk around the block too.

Our A-line T-shirts, Boxy Cropped T-shirts and Pleated Tanks are more great work from home options. Featuring 37.5 Technology®, the fabric works to regulate your body temperature, so even if your outdoor hike is more like a quick lap of the local park or, like me, you have a desk space with its own uniquely freezing microclimate(!), your body stays at the perfect heat all day long.

Asmuss Geometric Rose Print T-shirt and Twisted Leggings for your daily exercise while in lockdownIf you’re planning a sneaky workout between emails, or have decided learning the latest TikTok dance is the best way to keep the peace between the generations, our Twisted Leggings and Geo Rose Print T-shirt will keep you fresh and dry with their sweat-wicking,hydrophilic properties.The loose fit of the top and the 4-way stretch of the bottoms offers all the dryness and comfort you need, while the brightening boost of colour and pattern has you ready for any Zoom conference call or, let’s be honest, House party group chat that might pop up.

We’ve even given our desks the dress up treatment- creating a zen zone around the ‘office’ part of the bedroom or living room really helps to focus the mind on work, and our new limited edition Crochet Pot Plant Cover/Baskets are a quick and easy way to tidy up desktop clutter, or decorate your work area with some greenery. Handmade by Clare during the lockdown, she’s given new life to some of our factory seconds, upcycling them into the stretchy yarn they are made with. If you are keen on learning something new, or know how to crochet, Clare has written a step by step guide you can follow, from creating the yarn to finishing the pot plant cover/basket.

Asmuss Limited Edition Crochet Pot Plant Cover on the window sill in the sun

However you are passing the lockdown, whether working from home, furloughed or braving the outdoors as a key worker; please look after yourselves, each other and the environment. Remember it is social distancing not social isolation- keep in touch with friends and family by all the many digital solutions available.

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