Wanting to do it all. Why we started Asmuss

One of the reasons we decided to start Asmuss was that we wanted to do it all when we travelled. We wanted to hike in the Torres del Paine, walk the Inca trail, visit art galleries, dine at the best restaurants, drink the local wine and do everything in between.

While organising ourselves for our six-month adventure around Latin America and Europe we found it difficult to find clothing that also did it all. 

Finding adventure clothing that was functional was possible, however finding clothing that was functional, had technical benefits and was well designed specifically for women was not.

This problem grew into wanting to launch our own label.

Whenever we would speak to other female adventurous travellers, especially those that liked the finer things in life, they would also complain about the lack of well-designed adventure travel clothing for women.  This was especially the case when they found out they were talking to a fashion designer.  They all had ideas of the styles and improvements they wanted in their travel clothing, so we listened to them.

We also wanted to make sure that the clothing we made was as sustainable and ethical as possible.

So ... Asmuss is for women with a spirit of adventure and will blend great design, technical fabrics and function so that our clothes can take you anywhere wear in the world while treading lightly on it.