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  • 65% Wool  35% 37.5® Polyester

  • OEKO-TEX certified that no harmful substances have been used

  • Fabric woven in Portugal

Asmuss Tech Wool benefits symbols. Regulates body temperature. Maintains comfortable personal microclimate. Removes sweat vapour before it becomes liquid. It's active particles are derived from nature. 37.5 Technology works for the lifetime of the garment. Traps odours and releases them when washed. Is UVA and UVB resistant. Used mulesing free merino wool.

Our Technical Wool Fabric contains 37.5® Technology. This technology works with your body to determine if you need warming or cooling.

The 37.5® particles absorb the infrared energy your body emits and if moisture/sweat is present it speeds evaporation to cool you. If no moisture/sweat is present, the infrared energy is retained to keep you warm. To enhance these qualities we have blended it with ethical (mulesing free) fine gauge wool.

If you want to learn more about this innovative technology visit 

Diagram showing how 37.5 Technology works with the body's own infrared energy to create its own comfortable microclimate

The fabric is OEKO-TEX100 certified.  

Our Portuguese fabric mill A. Sampaio & Filhos in Santo Tirso, Portugal holds the OEKO-TEX STeP certification.  This assesses the mill's social responsibility and workplace safety in addition to chemicals management, environmental performance, environmental management and quality management, so you know they have the highest ethical and sustainability standards.  

Fabric Care

When caring for your clothes please do not over wash them. We trust your judgement. Wash them on cold or as low a temperature as you can. These small changes will not only give your clothing a longer life but also reduce energy usage.

Wash at 30ºC or cold. Dry flat. Cool iron. Do not dry clean.