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Woman standing side on wearing the Asmuss Eddy Cargo Trousers and Asmuss Anni Sweatshirt in Navy. The hem buttons are loose. She is standing in front of a white background, weighted down by a branch in a park with an Asmuss Tote Bag and pink paper flower on the ground behind herWoman walking in a park with her right leg forward showing the tab pocket detail on the leg and the buttoned hem of the ercu Asmuss Eddy Cargo Trousers.  Her hand is in the hip pocket.
Eddy Cargo Trousers Sale price£225.00 GBP
Woman standing on a stool amongst grasses with a hand in a pocket of the Asmuss Oval Trousers and wearing balck sandalsWoman standing side on in the black Asmuss Oval Trouers showing the shaping in the leg
Oval Trousers Sale price£195.00 GBP
Woman standing, with a wide stance,  facing away bending to the right with a her hand on her calf.  She is wearing the Asmuss Column JoggersWoman standing, front on, with a hand on her hip in front of a white background, weighted down by a branch. She is wearing the Asmuss Column Joggers and Asmuss Paige Long Sleeve T-shirt.
Column Joggers Black Sale price£135.00 GBP
Woman, with short wavy blond hair, wearing the Asmuss Curve Joggers in Trekking Green and the Anni Sweatshirt in Trekking Green, standing with weight on one foot and looking to her right2.	Flat front view of the Curve Joggers in Trekking Gree
Curve Joggers Trekking Green Sale price£115.00 GBP
Woman sitting relaxed in a leather and wood designer chair wearing the Asmuss Anni Sweatshirt in Black and the Curve Joggers in Black with a white backgroundClose up of the woman with her hand in the pocket standing showing the front of the trousers
Curve Joggers Black Sale price£115.00 GBP
Woman, with long wavy blond hair, standing front on wearing the Asmuss Ridge Cords in Navy, Evelyn T-shirt in White and Hand knitted Beanie holding a green bag in her right handWoman, with short wavy blond hair, looking down and wearing the Asmuss Ridge Trousers in Navy and Asmuss Evelyn T-shirt in White, with her hands in the trousers pockets
Ridge Trousers Sale price£195.00 GBP