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  • 95% EVO® Nylon (Polyamide) 5% Elastane 

  • EVO® is manufactured by Fulgar, using castor bean oil

  • OEKO-TEX certified that no harmful substances have been used

  • Fabric woven in Sweden 

Asmuss Bio Castor Bean fabric benefit symbols.  It is sustainable as it is made from a totally renewable source - castor beans. It is water repellant.  It controls odour. It provides thermal protection. Is is quick drying. It has 2 way stretch.

Close up of jacket should showing water beading on water resistant bio castor bean fabric

Our Bio Castor Bean fabric is made from EVO® - a nylon (polyamide) fibre that is made from castor bean oil. Most nylon and polyester fabrics start as fossil fuels so using castor bean oil is a big improvement environmentally.  Plus castor beans are not a food crop and they grow easily. This means castor bean oil is a totally renewable resource that does not require large amounts of water and it does not take land away from food production. It also has many practical benefits.

EVO® is certified DIN CERTCO system and by the OEKO-TEX STD 100 CLASS I system. All these certifications vouch for the integrity of the fibre.

Our fabric mill, F.O.V fabrics in Boras, Sweden who weave the fabric is a certified Bluesign® partner and the finished fabric is certified OEKO-TEX 100. All these certifications ensure you know the fabric has been made to the highest ethical and sustainable standards.