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Woman sitting on bench in gazebo, wearing the Asmuss Hepworth zip through sweat, Column joggers in black and also an Asmuss hand knitted ecru beanie. The women is laughing and reaching down into the Asmuss Scraps Tote bag Flat front view of the Asmuss Scraps Tote bag, showing the stamped Asmuss logo and the raw edges of the panelled together bag.
Scraps Tote Bag Sale price£95.00 GBP
Woman with arms above her head framing the Asmuss Hand Knitted Beanie in Natural White with geometric rose embroidery badge, her head is turned to the leftWoman standing with her bike with grasses in the basket wearing the Asmuss hand knitted hand dyed beanie, the Asmuss Roam Jacket in black and the Asmuss Oval trousers in black
Hand Knitted Beanies: Hand Dyed Sale price£69.00 GBP