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Close up of the pink and yellow seed head of a plant in the outdoors in Helsinki

Asmuss makes clothing thoughtfully, consciously and that withstands time and wear.

It does no harm to the many hands that made it, from origin to hanger.

It has nothing to hide and treads lightly on the earth.

As part of our love of travel, interacting with different cultures and people, we respect the places we visit and the people we meet. 

We are not perfect but will continue to explore ways in which we can develop and innovate our clothing while treading lightly on the earth.



Our designs are season-less. They are simple but with a twist. This means that they can be worn across seasons and locations.

The clothes are designed to be worn in multiple situations, last longer and do not require dry cleaning.

Founders of Asmuss clothing sisters Clare and Fiona discussing a pattern on their cutting table in their design studio in London 

Ethically & Locally Made

We manufacture and source our fabrics as locally as possible.

Our garments are made in London based manufacturers.  We can, and do, easily visit and meet the people making your clothes. We believe making locally is important as it increases work opportunities in the local area, some of our garments are even made in within 50 metres of our studio at Making for Change, Poplar Works.

Making for Change is a fashion training and manufacturing programme that aims to developing skills and provide qualifications for women in two fully equipped sites: HMP Downview and Poplar Works. 

Sourcing locally also reduces energy use and the impacts of shipping.

Our fabric comes from some of the most innovative mills in Europe and the UK.  They have the highest ethical and sustainability standards. You can find out more about each of the fabrics we use on our Materials page.


Small Batch

We produce our clothing in extremely small amounts. This means our designs are exclusive and waste is significantly reduced.  Small batches also allow us to check the quality of the garments 100% so the customers know each piece is made to the highest standard.

Black and white photo of a sewing machine and the hands of one of the people making one of the Asmuss designs in London


Consider repairing before replacing for minor damages. We offer a complimentary repairs programme through our London based studio. Please email us for repair advice and assessment at

This service applies to Asmuss garments only and excludes tailoring and alterations. Garments must be clean and are subject to assessment prior to accepting repair. We cannot repair rips, fabric flaws, pills or marked garments. Repairs are done by hand and the length of time required to repair the garment will be confirmed once the garment is received and evaluated.


Recycle Programme

We are committed to working toward circularity and offer a recycle programme for our Asmuss garments. Send your Asmuss garment back to us when its reached then of its useful life to you.  We will extend its useful life, from reuse to repurpose, and you'll receive a 20% discount for another Asmuss garment.

Please email for recycle advice.

This service applies to Asmuss garments only. Garments must be returned clean.



We use recycled bags for shipping that can also be recycled. The tissue we use is also recycled and recyclable.

For international shipping we use DHL GoGreen to offset carbon. 

We provide as accurate information on the garment dimensions to reduce returns of garments and the environmental impact of these.


No retouching

We make clothing for women so the models we choose to work with are no smaller than a size 10.

We don't retouch the models or our clothing so you know what you see is what you will get. 

The models, locations, makeup artists and photographer are brilliant so no need to mess with natural beauty. 

If you are observant you may have noticed that the Asmuss co-founder and designer, Clare, was the model in our floral photo shoot.  Although she may have wanted a few re-touches there was none made to the clothing or model. Clare was also the photographer (stylist, make-up artist and assistant) and the shoot took place in her home under lockdown with the background removed.


A black and white close up photo of the hands of one of the people that make Asmuss in London snipping threads on an Asmuss Clothing elevated essential t-shirt