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Article: When you want inspiration for Brighton trips beyond the beach

Woman leaning forward smiling wearing the lilac Anni Sweatshirt with large pink flowers floating around her

When you want inspiration for Brighton trips beyond the beach

When you want:

Tasty places 

An scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone in a holder on the bench of an ice cream shop in Brighton

No matter where we are finding good tasty food is important. Here are some suggestions from the Infatuation.  


A back lit barista making a coffee in a Brighton coffee shop

Its important to know where to find a decent coffee, for us anyway.  We're relying on the Best Coffee Guide for their recommendations as the only on we've tried is Bond Street Coffee


The Royal Pavilion in Brighton reflected in a pond

The Royal Pavilion is certainly over the top and gives you the chance to explore the opulent palace started by King George IV when he was Prince of Wales in the late 1780's, that is unlike most other palaces and stately homes in the UK.

Recent restorations have made the extravagance even more obvious.


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