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Article: Art in the South West of the US

Sunset on rail tracks beside factory silos in Marfa, Texas

Art in the South West of the US

Art wasn’t what first sprung to my mind when thinking about the South West of the United States. Fortunately, our mum was much more aware of the many and varied art focused locations in the area as it was her enthusiasm that got us planning.

Old white factory loading dock with one green metal door, one white plastic door and one door with chip board

Almost exactly a year ago we were extremely lucky to travel through the South West that focused on art, it also gave us the opportunity to test out Asmuss designs and fabrics as we needed stylish travel clothes that coped in art galleries, restaurants, walking in cities and desserts.

The trip was to celebrate a significant birthday of our mother’s so it was the 3 daughters and Mum that set off on one of our amazing adventures to experience the art, landscapes, culture, food & people.

Clare and Fiona standing reflect in Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Room All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins (2016)

The first part of the trip was just the four of us driving from Las Vegas to Albuquerque with the main goal to experience Walter De Maria’s Lightning Fields in New Mexico.

The second part of the trip we joined a group of other art-loving New Zealanders in and around Texas with main focus visiting Marfa in West Texas.

Prada Marfa art installation with road in foreground and bright blue sky in the background

Rather than try and cram all our adventures into one post we’ve decided to split things up as each of the places we visited was so unique either from a art, architecture, food or atmosphere. It may take a while to get it all online so please let us know if you have any particular questions as we go.

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