Packing it all in: What to wear when you go to Fogo Island

I always feel like the worst part of travelling or heading off on an adventure is the dreaded question of ‘what do I pack?!?’ Well, I guess we are trying to help out with that question by designing stylish, functional pieces that use fabrics that can keep you warm or cool as the destination or activity requires.

So, what was in our packing for Fogo Island? We knew it could get quite cold but during the day in the sun, it would still be reaching into the 20s. Our activities would be walking and dining out at the Fogo Island Inn. It has become a bit of a tradition in our family to get changed for dinner when travelling so that we are a little smarter or outlandish depending on the occasion & place. Plus getting to and from Fogo Island from London was part of the experience as it is really quite remote.

The Asmuss founder's Mum walking on Fogo Island with cottages in the distance on the coast. She is wearing the Asmuss Pleated Zip Through Sweat and Asmuss Panelled Trousers and looks great

As you can imagine there were quite a few pieces of Asmuss in the packing list including the A-line Long Sleeve T-shirt in both black and sea green, Panelled Trousers, Pleated Culottes and the Pleated Zip Through Sweat. I think there was a couple of the A-line and Boxy t-shirts in there too. The Asmuss pieces were mixed with our own pieces from our wardrobes. Mum always travels with her brocade Comme Des Garcon trousers, which she threw on under the black A-line Long Sleeve T-shirt for a dressier look. I, of course, had jeans. That was basically it other than fabulous jewellery, shoes and puffer jackets.

The Asmuss founder's Mum wearing Asmuss Pleated Zip Through Sweat and Asmuss Panelled Trousers in front of the supporting beams under the Fogo Island Inn

Every morning there was a bit of a race between the two of us to be the first to the Pleated Zip Through Sweat, as it is so cosy. Mum had dibs on the Panelled Trousers, which she wore every day for walking around the island and we just kept swapping which colour of the A-line Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve tees we wore. They really did keep up with us and the weather, being hot or cool. Just changing our trousers in the evening made us feel stylish for a dinner out. Mum in her brocade trousers and me in the Asmuss Pleated Culottes. I think one of the best things is that due to the fabrics we have used in the Asmuss range, none of the clothing gets smelly when you are wearing the same thing multiple days doing energetic endeavours.

The Asmuss founder's Mum walking up a hill into the sun on Fogo Island

This was Mum’s daytime outfit she wore while exploring Fogo Island and surrounding islands.

- Asmuss Pleated Zip Through Sweat

- Asmuss A-line Long Sleeve T-shirt in Sea Green

- Asmuss Panelled Trousers

- Apple watch – her own

- Y3 trainers – her own

- Leather necklace – her own

Flat lay image of Asmuss clothing to pack for travel to Fogo Island including the Asmuss Pleated Zip Through Sweat, Asmuss Panelled Trousers and Asmuss A-line T-shirt in sea green along with accessories to finish a great travel outfit off

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