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Article: Inspiration by and for women

Inspiration by and for women

Inspiration by and for women


As a business started by two sisters we've focussed this Asmuss Adventure on inspirational women and their creativity. 

These fabulous females and their businesses resonate with us either because they've taken a leap to create businesses on the other side of the world from where they are from (which just happens to be New Zealand, just like us), have inspired us, or have inspired friends of Asmuss.

Asmuss uses female founded or led businesses wherever possible and aims to create clothing for women that allows you to get out and make the most of your life.

We hope you enjoy this selection. 

Clare & Fiona


Impact & enjoyment

Image taken from above of the Apricity seasonal tasting menu with 5 plates and small cup including snacks and , vegetables and dessert

Apricity means the warmth of sun in winter, are you picturing how that feels, and it we're sure that is how chef Chantelle Nicholson's restaurant, Apricity, is designed to make you feel.  It recently received a Michelin Green Star which recognises at least some of the hard work she has put into creating a low waste restaurant that creates delicious food. 

When Clare dined at Apricity one of the stand out dishes included a herb Chantelle had picked on her walk along a London canal. It was delicious! 


Detail of Barbara Hepworth sculpture Spring which is located in the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden St Ives

Barbara Hepworth was the inspiration many women artists and sculptors, as well as for the Hepworth Zip Through Sweat (the name might have been a giveaway). 

It appears she loved being outdoors which you can tell when you visit, as Fiona did many years ago, the beautiful Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden in St Ives. It is hard to not be inspired by a combination of art, fresh sea ir and a beautiful garden.


A rock shaped cake iced in pink with red and black areas with fresh pink tulips appearing to sprout from the cake

We haven't seen anything like these incredible sculptural cakes from Brooklyn based Yip.Studio that come shaped or appear to be covered in moss. We hope they taste as good as they look. Started by Amy Yip you can see how her background in fashion and design makes her cakes stand out from the crowd.

Getting into the outdoors

Two women  swimming in a river on Dartmoor during a Department of Wellbeing Retreat

We are big believers in the power of getting out into nature and a good Asmuss friend recommended the Department of Wellbeing retreats as a way to get outdoors and into nature while also having time and space to yourself. 

With a female cofounder and many female instructors and guides they aim to take you from "frazzled to fabulous".

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