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Article: April Adventures

April Adventures

April Adventures


Something a little different as this month we have a favour to ask. I (Fiona), one half of Asmuss, am finishing my Masters in Sustainable Business through the University of Otago,  and would appreciate it if you would be willing to share your thoughts on sustainable clothing. 

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes and is on which aspects of clothing are most important to you when you make decisions when buying clothing. See this link if you are interested in participating.

Plus here are a few of our favourite things we noticed online over the last month.

We hope you enjoy this months selection. 

Clare & Fiona

Attributes of Clothing

 Woman with her hands raised to her hair standing in front of autumnal trees. She is wearing the Asmuss Puzzle Top.

Asmuss is partnering research into the important aspects when making decisions about sustainable clothing. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this research, please click on this link

It should take no more than 10 minutes of your time.

Good, ubiquitous design

Woman sitting on a bright green Arnold Circus stool in front of a large pond with a fountain and trees in the distance. She is wearing the Asmuss Hepworth Zip Through Sweatshirt and Column Joggers.

If you don't own one, like we do, you'll probably have seen one or sat on one in a cafe or store as they seem to be everywhere - the Arnold Circus Stool. 

Did you know the story of their design though? Martino Gamper created the stool to assist with the regeneration of Arnold Circus, in east London, in 2006.

Repurposed Mall

Photo of the historic graffiti in the new Fotografiska Berline from a Dezeen article

We love repurposing things and we think the new Fotografiska Berlin is a great example of a building being repurposed from shopping mall, to artist collective to photography museum.

We'd love to visit to experience the blend of art, architecture and food and wine especially with the retained graffiti / street art too.

Fab London Restaurants

Collage of the women leading restaurants and their food

... that just happen to be led by women.

While this list is clearly not exhaustive it does contain a couple of our favourites - Darjeeling Express and Rochelle Canteen (coincidentaly located on Arnold Circus) and a some that we will need to check out when we get the opportunity.

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